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20 Gorgeous Succulents in 2" plastic pots

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***IF YOU ARE ORDERING FOR A SPECIAL EVENT/WEDDING, PLEASE ORDER TO RECEIVE THEM 7-10 DAYS BEFORE YOUR BIG DAY. DESPITE OUR BEST PACKING EFFORTS, SOIL MAY SHIFT DURING THE RIDE OVER TO YOUR HOME. WHEN YOU RECEIVE THE PLANTS, THEY MAY NEED A GENTLE BRUSH/BLOW OFF, A BIG DRINK OF WATER AND A FEW DAYS TO ADJUST TO SUNLIGHT AFTER BEING IN A BOX—AND THEN THEY WILL BE THE SHINING STARS OF YOUR PARTY!!!**** A succulent is any plant with thick, fleshy (succulent) water storage organs. Succulents store water in their leaves, their stems or their roots. These plants have adapted to survive arid conditions throughout the world, from Africa to the deserts of North America. Fortunately for us, this adaptive mechanism has resulted in an incredible variety of interesting leaf forms and plant shapes, including paddle leaves, tight rosettes, and bushy or trailing columns of teardrop leaves. Succulents should be watered generously in the summer. The potting mix should be allowed to dry between waterings, but do not underwater. During the winter, when the plants go dormant, cut watering back to once every other month. Overwatering and ensuing plant rot is the single most common cause of plant failure. A succulent should never be allowed to sit in water. *Enjoy your beautiful plant!*  UPC 865153000204

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