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Cool Cactus & Succulent Collection (64)


Shipping Cost: $33.00

36 Beautiful and unique cactus. You will receive 36 different cacti in 2" containers with soil. Your cacti will be randomly selected from our collection of over 60 different types of cactus. Flower blooms occur at different times of the year!!

This very cool collection is a combination of 32 unique Succulents and 32 unique cactus for a total of 64 plants.

Different cactus bloom at different times of the year so it's always fun waiting to see who will bloom next!
Wear gloves when handling, or handle carefully as they have spines! These cactus will grow to different heights and sizes, some will grow tall while others will grow round and closer to the ground. The plants pictured are a small representation of the cactus and succulents we have available, but may vary depending on our current stock we are using on any given day.

These would make great shower table decorations or favors, or to use in a classroom or Cub Scout project, etc. Collections WILL vary depending on our stock of plants--ALL are lovely!! These are healthy and beautiful specimens that we hand pick from our licensed nursery.

All plants will be firmly rooted and in their 2 inch plastic nursery pots as well.

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